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Jalpa SWB & ISR Registered, "Julep"


Julep is a 16.3 hand, Swedish Warmblood mare, registered with SWANA and ISR, where she is registered in the ISR Main Mare Book scoring 95 points on her Mare Performance Test. Julep is a strong alpha mare and she commands respect from riders and handler alike, but when it comes to foals and young horses and even small ponies, Julep turns in to a patient, attentive, gentle and doting, mother. Julep possesses huge movement, powerful impulsion and natural collection that she consistently passes on to her foals. She has successfully been show Third Level Dressage, and before an old stifle injury successfully evented (Preliminary) and hunted. Today when not raising the next generation of super stars, she hilltops behind the first and second flight fox hunters, and is challenging our Working Students through various levels of dressage, and appears in the occational 4-H show or Pony Club event.


  • Coinin Dearg O'Donnell "Aldis", IDSH - 2012 Colt
  • Mckenna, IDSH - 2004 Filly

Coinin Dearg O'Donnell IDSH, "Aldis"

Baby AldisNWSHBA 2012

Coinin Dearg O'Donnell, Aldis was born Friday March 23rd, 2012 around 10:30 PM. Thanks to the lovely people at Mare Stare, a video of his birth can be found on YouTube. Aldis was giant from the get go! He was so tall that, he was a good 3 inches too tall to first nurse, and the vet had to come out to help.

He was as tall as a yearling Arabian or Quarter horse around 3 months old, and is 13.2 hands and 625 lbs. at 6 month old. Aldis has been shown since he was 3 weeks old. His first show was a series of halter classes at a Donida Schooling Show in April, followed by a rigorous, even for many professional breeders, show schedule taking him all over the state and region every several weeks. With every show and every new barn, Aldis has been raised only knowing that trailering to new barns is fun, as every new show brings people who simply want to love on him! Born with his Daddy's easy going nature, but his Mothers ham of a personality, Aldis makes friends and fans where ever he goes. And his flashy matching socks and stockings, along with a massive build, make him an absolute eye catcher! His best friend is Mr. Buttons the barn cat who often can be found curled up next to, or on top of Aldis while they both nap. He truly is a gentle giant, even as a baby.

Aldis has been showing USDF Dressage Sport Horse Prospects Current Year Colt as well as Breed Suitability: Irish Draught & Part-Breds this past summer, and in only 5 months of showing, accumulated a number of wins:

  • Two, Champion Current Year Foal
  • One, Reserve Champion Current Year Foal
  • Seven, First place wins
  • Three Second place wins
  • Two Third place wins
  • Qualified at three seperate shows for the GAIG/USDF DSHP Regional Championships


  • 2012 NWSHBA Current Year Foal, Champion Colt
  • 2012 IDHSNA In Hand Level 1 Champion
  • 2012 USDF All-Breed (IDHSNA), Dressage Sport Horse Breeding, Champion (Current Calendar Year Foal)
  • 2012 GAIG/USDF Breeders Championship Final, North West Series, Sixth (Current Year Foal)
  • 2012 Adequan®/USDF Dressage Sport Horse Breeding Horse of the Year, Sixteenth Place (Current Calendar Year)
  • 2012 PHR Silver Stirrup Zone Champion (DSHB Young Horse)
  • 2012 PHR Silver Stirrup National 12th Place (DSHB Young Horse)
  • Winner of Equestrian Collections, 2012 Foal Photography Contest
  • Winner and selected as Cover Foal for the 2012 NWSHBA Breeders Classic show program
  • Highlighted and written about in Flying Changes magazine three times in 2012
Julep   Snowford O'Donnell
Jalpa, "Julep"
Swedish Warmblood
  Snowford O'Donnell
Registered Irish Draught

Julep was bred via Artifical Insemination April 20th 2011 by Dr. Tipton of Pilchuck Vet, and gave birth to Coinin Dearg O'Donnell, "Aldis" March 23rd, 2012. This will be second foal between Julep and Snowford O'Donnell. Their first pairing resulted in McKenna, a 2004 ISH mare. Julep will be bred again in spring of 2013.

Coinin Dearg O'Donnell
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Irish Draught Sport Horse
Snowford O'Donnell
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Dark Bay/Brown 1995
Swedish Warmblood
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